Getting the Portion Sizes Right: Helpful Hints

The latest craze in dieting is actually not dieting at all – it is simply an increased awareness in portion control and how to monitor what you are eating to ensure you’re not eating portions that are too large.  When it comes to fruits and vegetables, it is hard to go overboard but we tend to eat too many carbohydrates without even realizing what a correct portion size looks like.  Here are some hints on how to control your portion sizes and how this can fast track your weight loss progress:

Using Portion Control Containers as a Helpful Guide

One of the smartest ways to monitor your caloric intake and learn how to eat the right amounts of food each day is to use portion containers as a guide to teach you on a day to day basis what a healthy and waist friendly portion size consists of.  The popular fitness program called the 21 day fix uses various color coded containers in various sizes to give you an easy way to keep within your desired target calorie bracket for the day.  It is very easy to consume 3000 or more calories a day even just by indulging in one or two treats that you might think are harmless.  But in consuming these treats on a daily basis, you’re setting your weight loss progress up for failure.

Use the Palm Of Your Hand to Track Portions

By measuring the size of meat you have using the palm of your hand, you can get a rough estimate of what 3 ounces of meat looks like.  If you are on a high protein diet, you might be eating anywhere from 4-6 ounces of meat per meal. A low carb diet will involve you eating a lot of low fat and high protein sources from chicken or fish.

You can also use your fingers to measure a tablespoon or ounce when using oils or butters in your cooking.  Remember that you shouldn’t be having more than 2-4 servings of carbs per day initially when trying to lose weight.

Keep Hydrated and Drink Plenty of Water

Once you learn about what a “healthy” serving of food looks like, cravings can hit. It’s hard to go from eating extra super size portions to a measly pile of rice and a small few slices of turkey.  You might start getting hungry and wonder why you’re even dieting after all.  But remember that a lot of times our hunger is actually just dehydration. Make sure to drink at least 8 large glasses of water a day to make sure that you are really not just thirsty rather than being hungry.  Help yourself to a serving of fruit or a small portion of nuts or seeds to keep the cravings at bay and remember that over time, your stomach will shrink and you’ll be less hungry and be slimmer and happier.