Getting Skinny By Increasing Your Fiber Intake


Fiber is one of those things that we will ignore if we aren’t careful to eat enough of it. There are plenty of sources of fiber, but unless you are consuming whole grain or whole wheat products, you might be short of your recommended daily intake of 25 grams a day.  Nowadays, there are plenty of whole wheat and multigrain rices and pasta products available, so there is really no excuse for not selecting these when preparing Italian food like lasagne or spaghetti or even Asian dishes using rice.

What are the benefits of fiber?

A lot of people are less concerned with their health and more concerned with their weight, so let’s focus on how fiber can actually help you lose weight.  It is found primarily in carbohydrates which people tend to avoid, thinking that in consuming carbohydrates, they will gain weight.  While this is true if you consume carbs in excess, it is actually false that carbs directly lead to weight gain.  Weight gain is caused by eating anything excessively, that could be foods that are high in fat, sugar and carbohydrates.  But eating fiber can actually help decrease your appetite which will lead to weight loss.  Fiber is one of those “filling” ingredients, that gives your stomach a satiated and satisfied feeling after consuming a bowl of whole grain rice and chicken for example.

If you eat a bowl of white rice, you will still feel hungry an hour or so later because that rice lacks fiber which leads you to feel full and content for a longer period of time.  When you consume less calories, you naturally will lose weight.  Burning more calories = weight loss and in consuming less, you’ll create a calorie deficit.

Some people even recommend taking supplements to make sure they are meeting their needs. Various skinny fiber reviews from those who have lost weight show that people can lose up to 30 pounds by going on a diet rich in vegetables, wholegrain fiber products and drinking plenty of water.  These skinny fiber supplements can especially help those people who have an intolerance to gluten but still need to get in enough fiber.

What are some ideal high fiber snacks?

In addition to consuming fiber for your meals in the forms of oatmeal, brown rice and pasta, you can also bake or cook your own high fiber snacks to keep you energized and satisfied throughout the day.  One of my favorite snacks to prepare are homemade protein and fiber granola bars.  Using oatmeal, raisins, small quantities of nuts and peanut butter to bind it together, you’ll get a tasty treat that will keep you energized for the entire day.  What are some ways you like to get in enough fiber and are you taking any supplements or relying purely on your food intake?