Debunking Weight Lifting for Women: You Won’t Bulk!

strength training with the 21 day fix extreme programOne of the most common myth involving weight loss and strength training for women is that lifting heavy weights will cause women to bulk up and have massive large muscles all around her body. This could not be more inaccurate.

Unless a woman is taking an excessive amount of supplements that are specifically designed to help her bulk and gain significant large muscles because she is competing in a bodybuilding competition for example, women will not bulk up by weightlifting. So many different women are encouraged to lift light dumbbells and do high repetitions usingĀ  light weights. This absolutely does nothing for the body.

So why do women lift light weights?

It might help build up endurance, but it doesn’t help build muscle and it certainly doesn’t burn as many calories as doing cardio work. So rather than using your time wisely to lift heavy weights and actually build muscle, you are wasting your time. All of the women that you see in various fitness magazines and exercise programs lift heavy weights to get the bodies that they have. The more muscle you have, the more calories your body will burn because muscle burns more calories than fat does. By lifting large amounts of weight, you will build muscle which also weighs less than fat does. Sure, you could get skinny by doing tons of cardio and high repetitions of dumbbells, but you will never look toned you will just look skinny fat. One of the most exciting new weightlifting programs is called the 21 day fix extreme that is full of intense workouts. In this program, you will use a series of heavy and light waves in order to get the body of your dreams.

How often do I need to lift weights and for how long?

The workout is only 30 minutes long but your heart rate will soar and not only will you be building muscle, but you will be burning tons of calories and fat throughout the 30 minute workout. Lifting weights causes your heart rate increase drastically and an increased heart rate or elevated heart rate during exercise promotes further calorie burning than simply running on the spot. By running with weights, you will burn even more calories than if you did it without and your arms will be getting a better workout helping them to build muscle and burn fat. There is also nutrition component in the 21 day fix extreme program where youth use specific containers designed to help you learn about portion control so that you don’t overeat the wrong food. Should also remember that while you are weightlifting, your body wires a lot of lean proteins in the role muscle try to avoid eating too much red meat and if you do make sure that it is lean. The best source of protein that are the lowest in fat or skinless white meat such as chicken breast or turkey or various varieties of fish.